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Breast Cancer Survival Rates

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

This article will discuss about breast cancer survival rates and its implications.

Breast Cancer Survival Rates Has Been Improving?

The prognosis for Breast cancer has been steadily improving year after year. It is estimated that the mortality rates from breast cancer have been dropping by a steady 2% each year since 1990. This is because of continuous improvements in treatment and mainly because of early detection of the disease.

The current 5 year breast cancer survival rates for women is 86% and the 10 year survival rate is 76%. These breast cancer survival rates include women of all ages and at all stages of cancer. To narrow the statistical figures, the survival rate for women whose cancer has not metastasized that is whose cancer that has not moved into the lymph system or the other parts of the body is 96%, and for women whose cancer has metastasized, the 5 year survival rate is 21%.

breast cancer survival rates

Breast Cancer Survival Rates by Stage

For a more individual prognosis it is important to consider the stage at which the cancer is detected. Breast cancer is divided into stages depending on the advancement of the disease ranging from stage 0 through stage 4. Breast cancer survival rates for stage 0 and 1 are as high as 100% and thereafter diminish with each stage, the lowest survival rate being 20% for stage 4.

Age too plays a role in determining breast cancer survival rates. Women under 40 appear to have a lower survival rate than older women. This may be because cancers in younger women are more aggressive.

Breast Cancer Survival Rates In Men

Breast cancer is not restricted to women only. Men too are prone to the disease, though male breast cancer accounts for only 1% of total breast cancers detected. What is alarming is that the incidence of male breast cancer is increasing. In 2006, 1,700 new cases of male breast cancer were reported in the United States and of these there were 400 deaths. While it is believed that the disease is more aggressive in men, in actuality the prognosis for the disease is the same as for women. Breast cancer survival rates for men have been lower because of late detection of the disease mainly due to a lack of awareness.

Breast cancer can reoccur after remission, generally within 2 years. As with all other types of cancer, if it does not reoccur within 5 years, the individual is considered as being cured of the disease. However, there have been instances where Breast cancer has returned after 10 or even 20 years.  But in general, the more time that passes since the first remission, the less likely the Breast Cancer Survival Rates will lower.

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  1. Mary Jo Lamb says:

    I am a stage 4 breast cancer/with bone mestases. Have had a left mastectomy, 40 cancerous lymph nodes removed and have mestases in hip, spine and upper collar bone. What is a realistic prognosis as survival rate?

  2. Mary Jo Lamb says:

    Do you send comments to inbox?

  3. MF says:

    Mary Jo Lamb,

    You should absolutely try some alternative treatment methods. Things like herbal remedies/supplements, changing your diet, detoxing, and others. Do as much research as possible into it, but I am inclined to think after my research into it, that a lot of the time even if it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt either. You never know.

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  6. [...] Breast Cancer Survival Rates – Stage 1 Breast Cancer February 27th, 2011 | Author: Pearl Every human being is born with a complete system that functions to the various needs of the body. When a baby is born, the mother develops milk in her breast so that the baby will be able to feed from it on its early months. Each and every one of us, male or female, has a tendency to be affected by various ailments. And as the famous saying stated, an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. There are some diseases that can be cured by common medicine, however there are certain illnesses that cannot be cured easily and could alter a person’s life in an instant. One of the malignant diseases we are all afraid about is the “Big C,” and one of the most common types of cancer is breast cancer.Cancer of the breast is a disease that affects female populace more often than not, however men are not spared. Men can also acquire this disease as well. This deadly disease has four stages and you are lucky enough if diagnosed in an earlier stage. In the law of cancer, the earlier diagnosed the higher chance of survival. Stage 1 breast cancer is the earliest of the breast cancer stages and its survival rates show improvements. Stage 1 breast cancer is when the malignant cancer cells of the breast have started to develop and expand within the breast. Usually at this early stage, the breast cancer tumor is still hard to detect and not visible in the naked eye. During this early stage, there are various tests conducted to determine if there is a tumor inside the breast of a person that is suspected to be a cancer carrier.The good news for people positive with the disease is that according to some statistics and researches, stage 1 breast cancer survival rates have been favorable and have a 95 % chance of continued existence for patients diagnosed. During this stage, the tumor developed inside the breast is better to remove than when it has affected various parts of the body already. If a person is feeling indifferent about any part of their body, like an unfamiliar lump on the breast, they should immediately seek professional help in order to determine if they have acquired any illnesses concerning the breast. You do not want to wait for the worse to come. Whether or not it is cancer, it is always better to prevent it from coming.By: Mert Ozge About the Author: For more stage 1 breast cancer survival rates information, visit Breast Cancer Survival Rates. [...]

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