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Brain Cancer

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Brain cancer happens with there is an abnormal growth of cells inside our brains. Brain is the part of central nervous system. Central nervous system encloses medulla spinalis too. Tumors can be emerged in both brain or medulla spinals.

Brain Cancer In Recent Years

Even tumor is very rare in last ten years cases increased and if is not diagnosed early the results can be fatal. The reasons are not known actually that lead someone to have this cancer but the reasons increasing the risk are ;

1 – Cancer is seen in other parts of the body.
2 – Working in an oil refining plant or drug production plant.

Signs of Brain Cancer

Tumors can emerge in frontal, parental, occipital or in temporal lobes of brain. If the tumor is in frontal lobe patient complains about headache, lassitude, lethargy in one part of the body, confusion and  orientation disorder.

If the tumor is in parietal lobe patient has headaches again, contraction, lethargy, problem with handwriting, loss of touching feel.

Tumors that emerge in other parts of the central nervous system can cause changes in patient’s mood, vomiting.

Brain Cancer Diagnosis

It is realized in a few steps. Vision-hearing and balance coordination is checked. Tomography, MR and skull x-ray is needed, but biopsia and pathological investigation are the certain vouchers.

Treatment way of the brain cancer tumors is surgical intervention whether they are malignant or benign. In last years a new technique named gamma-knife treatment is developed in brain cancer and doctors began to take good results from it.