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Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Stage 4 breast cancer is a stage where the malignant cancer cells in the breast have infiltrated the healthy cells of other organs such as the lungs, livers and even the brain. The most advanced stage of breast cancer is known to be metastatic breast cancer.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer: Metastatic Stage

When the malignant cells have spread and developed in other healthy tissues, destroying them in the process; breast cancer survival rates dip down to lower than 20 percent chance of survival.

The usual sites for other malignant transformation when cancerous cells from the breast start to spread are the lungs, bones and lives. Usually treating stage 4 breast cancer is to lessen the symptoms felt or trying to extend the life span of the patient.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Diagnosis Percentage

Ten percent of diagnosed cases of cancer of the breast are on its final phase which is stage 4 breast cancer. Usually these cases occur when the woman ignores the symptoms or doesn’t get enough treatment when required. This is the usual case for black women who have a higher death ratio than white women.

This is due to poverty and insufficient medical insurance. If all women can only have a decent health insurance, breast cancer survival rates will become higher than they are right now.

There is a variety of treatment methods used in prolonging the life of one who has stage 4 breast cancer.

stage 4 breast cancer

These are to prolong the woman’s life and reduce her suffering due to the symptoms of Stage 4 Breast Cancer:

• Hormone therapy – A possible answer for women who have receptor-positive type of cancerous cells

• Chemotherapy – A type of procedure which delays the development of cancer cells. Chemotherapy utilizes the use of hormone therapy and immunotherapy.

• Biological Therapy – this is for 25 percent of women with cancer who have an excess protein known as HER2.

• Surgery – usually surgery is used to remove the cancer tumor from the body

Stage 4 breast cancer is the most dangerous stage a woman could experience when having breast cancer. There are only less than 20 percent of women who had stage 4 breast carcinoma survived after a 5 year period. Women should remember the symptoms of breast cancer.

If you suspect that you have cancer of the breast immediately seek the help of a licensed doctor so he or she could analyze what stage you are in. The early the stage the better it is for the patient for breast cancer survival rates could go as high as 98 to 100 percent in the first stage of breast carcinoma and lowers gradually up to stage 4 Breast Cancer.