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Colorectal Cancer Survival Rate

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

The Colorectal Cancer Survival Rate is the percentage of patients who are still alive 5 years or more after being diagnosed with the cancer.

Facts About Colorectal Cancer Survival Rate

By definition, this is a type of cancer that has affected not just either the colon or the rectum but both.  Colorectal cancer cases normally start from being either a colon cancer or a rectal cancer. As the disease progresses and begins affecting the nearby parts does it become a colorectal cancer. Technically, this cancer is actually the metastatic stage of a colon or a rectal cancer. However, due to the proximity of the two parts of the body, most of the patients suffering cancer of the colon or rectum are likely to develop this type of cancer in the long run. Because of this, colon cancer and rectal cancer are both being referred to as colorectal cancer.

Colorectal Cancer Survival Rate By Race

The Colorectal Cancer Survival Rate of Caucasian Americans is higher by about 10% compared to African Americans. In a five-year time period, the rates of survival for both male and female Caucasians are at 66% and 64% respectively while African American male and females are at 55% and 53% respectively. These results are released by eMedtv after a study is conducted from 1996-2002 in the US. The cause of the difference between these percentages is unknown.

colorectal cancer survival rate

Colorectal Cancer Survival Rate By eMedtv

Under this study, those who were diagnosed while the cancer is at the localized stage had better Colorectal Cancer Survival Rate at 90%. Since the cancer has not yet spread out to a larger segment of your colon or rectum, it is easier to hinder the spread of this disease through surgery. A colon resection may be advised by your physician during this stage. Only 39% of the patients were diagnosed under this stage, accounting to the low over-all survival rate of patients suffering from this disease.

Once the cancer is left untreated until it reaches its second and third stages, the Colorectal Cancer Survival Rate also lowers down to 68%. Treatment during these stages may include resection surgery, radiation therapy and adjuvant chemotherapy. Thirty seven percent of the patients were diagnosed when the cancer is already at this stage, when the cancer has already affected the nearby lymph nodes and are in the run for the surrounding organs as well.

At the last stage of the cancer, the percentage of survival also decreases to a midget amount of 10%. Since this cancer easily proliferates to other tissues, some patients don’t live long enough to endure the 4th stage – whether that is good or not, depends on you. About 20 percent of the patients are diagnosed at this stage and the colorectal cancer survival rate is very low.