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Esophageal Cancer Survival Rate

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

An Esophageal Cancer Survival Rate refers to the percentage of esophageal cancer patients to survive up to a certain period of time. This time period is up to 5 years in most statistical studies. So technically, your Survival Rate is the likelihood of you living up to an additional 5 years in your life.

Esophageal Cancer Survival Rate Still Under Slow Improvement

Despite the advancement of medical research and technology, the Survival Rate has only slightly improved throughout the years. Still, this type of cancer has the lowest rate of survival even at the early stage.

Compared to other cancers, the Esophageal Cancer Survival Rate at Stage 0 is only at 70% which is honestly very low compared to other cancers which have almost a hundred percent rate of survival at the same stage.

However, like most cancers, patients suffering from esophageal cancer begin to have a gradual decline of their survival rate as the staging lowers or as the cancer begins to get more severe.

Esophageal Cancer Survival Rate By Stage

At stage 1, your survival percentage will drop 10% lower than at stage 0. From this stage thereafter, your survival percentage will then move down to 20% lower in Stage 3 and 30% or lower at stage 4. From this estimation we can assume that at:

  • Stage 0, a patient will have 70% chances of surviving
  • Stage 1, a patient will have 60% chances of surviving
  • Stage 2, a patient will have 40% chances of surviving
  • Stage 3, a patient will have 30-20% chances of surviving
  • Stage 4, a patient will have 15-10% chances of surviving

Statistical Research on Esophageal Cancer Survival Rate

Based on statistics, this type of cancer is more common among men than among women. Also, it is more prevalent among people at ages 55 and above. The average over-all survival rate for esophageal cancer is 70% which is still substantially lower than for other cancer cases. This low Esophageal Cancer Survival Rate poses as a concern for many physicians and esophageal specialists worldwide.