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Gastric Cancer Survival Rate

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Despite the fact that cancer of the gastric organ is one of the curable cancers, Gastric Cancer Survival Rate is still pretty low with only 1 amongst 5 patients making it through 5 years and more after diagnosis is established.

Gastric Cancer Survival Rate Statistical Report

That statistics is based on the overall survival percentage of patients with gastric cancer regardless of the stages. However, patients who were diagnosed and immediately treated at the first stage of the cancer are likely to increase their rate of survival and even the chances of fully recovering from the disease.

Gastric Cancer Survival Rate By Race

Statistics shows that the Gastric Cancer Survival Rate among African American women is the highest in the United States at 24%. Immediately following this are Caucasian women at 23%. American men from African and Caucasian decent have shown a lower rate of survival between 21-19%.

gastric cancer survival rate

Gastric Cancer Survival Rate By Stage

Gastric Cancer Survival Rate is reasonably highest during the earliest stages of the disease. At stages 1, the general percentage of people surviving the disease is 3 out of 4. In a research conducted by the National Cancer Institute within 1991-2000, people who were treated while the cancer is still localized have shown better prognosis compared to those who were diagnosed late. The average rate of survival during this stage is around 57-71%, slightly lower than many cancers but higher than the next stages.

At stage 2, expect the previous percentage to dramatically decrease to 33-45%. The survival percentage is specifically lower in patients whose cancer rapidly proliferates and “eats up” surrounding tissues. Stage 2 has 2 phases from which the 1st phase has a higher Gastric Cancer Survival Rate compared to the 2nd phase.

Stage 3 has 3 phases, each with a different survival percentage. Amongst those who were diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer, only 20% of patients under stage 3A lived up to 5 years, 14% under 3B and 9% under 3C.  This is the stage where the cancer may exponentially hasten its growth and will easily affect the lymph nodes near the gastric area. Metastasis may be slowed down by treatment but sooner or later, the cancer will inevitably metastasize.

As the last stage of the disease, only 4% of patients who suffered cancer of the gastric organ lived to survive more than 5 years of life following diagnosis. All patients who participated in the study have all undergone surgery and adequate treatment to slow down the Gastric Cancer Survival Rate of growth.