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Neck Cancer Survival Rate

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Because cancer of the neck is amongst those cancers that are easily detected, Neck Cancer Survival Rate is high in many research studies conducted.

What is A Neck Cancer Survival Rate?

Neck Cancer Survival Rate is the percent of people who were able to survive five years after they were diagnosed with the cancer. In many studies, researchers based their results in a 5 year time period but there are also studies that extend up to 10 years, especially for a type of cancer that has high rate of survival.

neck cancer survival rate

Neck Cancer Survival Rate: What is A Neck Cancer?

Cancer of the neck and cancer of the throat are just the same – both may arise from the growth of tumor from the larynx or the pharynx, including tissues that surround these parts. Smoking is the main causative factor of this disease, thus males are more prone to developing throat cancer compared to females. The Neck Cancer Survival Rate among females is also substantially higher than men.

As long as the cancer is detected on the first stage, a patient may have up to a hundred percent survival rate. The reason behind this is because when a tumor is still localized and has not yet spread out to other areas of the throat, it is easier to remove it through surgery. Some doctors may include chemotherapy at the 1st stage post-operatively but it may not be necessary at stage 0, unless there is a possibility that the tumor may re-grow after the surgery.

Neck Cancer Survival Rate Per Stage

Exactly the same as many other types of cancers, the percentage of people who were able to extend 5 years of their life at the 2nd and 3rd stages of throat cancer expectedly lowers down. Not all patients diagnosed at the 2nd stage were able to live through the 5 year period but the percentage is still quite high at 75%. It is in the 3rd stage that the rate decreases to 50-60%. If your doctor tells you that you have 50-50 chances of reaching 5 years, there’s a chance your cancer has already reached the 3rd phase of the 3rd stage (meaning it’s likely going to metastasize soon) before you were diagnosed. During these stages, treatment like chemo and radiation therapy may help but it will only slow down the progress of the cancer.

The Neck Cancer Survival Rate at the 4th stage is only 20-30%. In a patient of 5, the neck cancer survival rate means only 1 may survive until 5 years.