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Ovarian Cancer

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Ovarian cancer are formed by abnormal cells in a woman’s ovary. Ovaries are cells increasing in numbers suitable to body’s need in healthy people. Cells are accruing out of need abnormally called as tumour.

Ovarian Cancer: Tumor Types

There are two types tumours malignant and benign. For example tumors for women younger than 30 are benign cysts. They can disappear by themselves or can be ejected with surgical intervention but tumors we call as malignant are invading all of the tissues in ovarian and neighbouring tissues. Even they can spread all over the body it is called distal metastasis in every cancer type.

Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
This Cancer can be seen every one of fifty five women. It can be treated successfully if it is early diagnosed but it is hard to diagnose because there  are no compliments at first. Consequently death rates are in extreme levels in this illness.

ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer Signs

Swollen condition, gas, feeling uncomfortable with abdomen area, anorexia, and weight loss are the main compliments of patients with this cancer.  Growing tumour may make pressure on vesica urinaria and this can make patient to go toilet often.

Ovarian Cancer Examination

It is being examined by obstetrics and gynecology expert. Ultrasonography is used to explore the body and also a chemical named CA-125 is injected to body. Cancer diagnosis is given by a pathologist after making biopsy. After diagnosis phasing process begins and doctors start to make treatment plan.

Age is very important in cancer treatment duration. Surgical intervention and after that chemotherapy is the classical treatment in this cancer. In some conditions radiotherapy is used to correct patients other problems. After cancer treatment pursuance is very important. Ovarian Cancer is realized by CA-125 investiture, lung x-ray and abdomen tomography.