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Renal Cancer Survival Rate

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Renal Cancer Survival Rate refers to the percentage of patients who were still alive within a certain period of time after being diagnosed with kidney cancer. In many cases, cancer of the kidney is now being measured within a 5 year time period and is conducted over thousands of patients from different places.

Renal Cancer Survival Rate in the US

In the United States, the over-all Renal Cancer Survival Rate without regard to which stage of the cancer is at 65% which is somewhat lower than other cancers. But then again, our kidney is amongst the major organs in the body. Therefore, survival rate may be quite low especially as the disease progresses.

Fortunately, since a normal human anatomy is blessed with 2 kidneys, a patient who is diagnosed at stage 1 and with only 1 kidney affected has a Renal Cancer Survival Rate of around 91% which is not exactly bad compared to cancer of other equally vital organs.

renal cancer survival rate

Renal Cancer Survival Rate: Diagnosis

The downside is, only half of the patients studied were diagnosed at the first stage of the disease when it is still confined in one area and has not yet spread towards nearby organs and tissues. This partially attributes to the very low over-all rate of survival of these patients.

When the disease develops its severity, the Renal Cancer Survival Rate also drops down. Twenty percent of these patients were diagnosed when the cancer is already at the 2nd and 3rd stages of the kidney cancer. The reason why a lot of patients are diagnosed under the later stages of the cancer is because kidney cancer is a slow killer. It is developed by years of unhealthy diet and is usually detected when the patient ages around 45-50, when our kidneys can no longer put up with our abuse and with the addition of the declining effects of old age, the cancer arises. However, the exact causative factor of the disease is still unknown. In the middle stages of renal cancer, the percentage of people who were able to survive the disease is around 60%.

Renal Cancer Survival Rate Still Low At Last Stage

The percentage of patients diagnosed while they are at the last stage of the cancer is still pretty high despite the thorough research and effort of the medical society to increase awareness of the symptoms of the cancer and make advancements on its methods of detection. Twenty-two percent of the patients included in the relative statistical report released by EmedTv were diagnosed while the cancer has already metastasized and has proliferated to other organs in the body.

This is a concern for the oncological society since the Renal Cancer Survival Rate at this stage is only 9.7%.