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Nodular Melanoma

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

The most aggressive type of melanoma is the Nodular melanoma. The most serious type of skin cancer is Melanoma or more often referred to as malignant melanoma. It became the most exceptional type of skin cancer form because it is likely to spread among the internal organs or lymph nodes in the body unlike other skin cancer types.

Nodular Melanoma Highest in Mortality Rate

According to major researches conducted all over the world, melanoma contributes to 77% of the actual deaths because of skin cancer.

Doctors all around the world believe that skin cancer survival rates for melanoma would be favourable if people are able to differentiate or define it at its earliest stages. All cancer survival rates can go up to as high as 98% if treated immediately.

At the earliest detection and treatment nodular melanoma may have a cure rate of 95%. People should remember that not all melanoma develops in a changing mole. It may also appear from a previous lesion and may look like an awkward scar or cyst. It may also appear like a non-healing bruise or nail streak.

nodular melanoma

Nodular Melanoma: Percentage of Diagnosis

Among the four types of melanoma, nodular melanoma only occurs in 15 % of all the diagnosed cases. 70 percent of the diagnosed cases are superficial spreading melanoma while 10% are lentigo maligna melanoma. Arcal lentiginous melanoma is the rarest type of detected melanoma.

Usually in the first diagnosis, this malignant disease can be found in a person’s arms and legs. In the cases of elderly, it can be found in the upper torso and may be found in the scalp of a person regardless of his or her age.

Nodular Melanoma Treatment

Treatment for this dangerous cancer demands aggressive and constant monitoring because the malignant tumor in the skin is highly aggressive. Chemotherapy has been the leader in giving positive results of cure for the person with cancer of the skin. Doctor’s though are not as positive that every malignant tumor is removed once the session’s end. That’s why most doctors recommend a combination of treatment with radiation therapy where high levels of x-rays are used in order to kill off the cancer cells in the body. This is also used in order to check if the other systems of the body have already been infected by the malignant disease.

When the tumors have grown and extended beyond the skin, surgery is done to relief the patient from the cancer tumor. This is usually done on the most extreme cases of Nodular Melanoma or skin cancer.