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Introduction to Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Stomach Cancer is the fourth most common type of cancer in the world with stage 4 stomach cancer being the most severe stage. It is very dangerous because it is commonly asymptomatic or only shows symptoms common to other less alarming illnesses.

About Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

Symptoms usually develop only during the latter stages of the tumor. Stomach tumor such as any other tumor can easily be cured if detected early but is almost incurable in its final stages. The problem is it is often two late when an individual becomes aware of having the said condition. Known treatments are often powerless against advanced levels of tumor most especially when the cancer is already classified as in Stage 4.

Stage 4 Stomach Cancer Tumor Description

Stage 4 Stomach Cancer is already on its final phase in which the tumor is stronger than ever, wherein the infirmity has extended to other tissues and stretched to lymph nodes. In worse cases other the tumor would have even reached other organs of the body which may eventually lead to multiple organ failure.  Recovery at this point is almost impossible and only 4-7% of documented patients survive. Some applications and techniques however are still available o help lengthen life and/or reduce the severity of symptoms. Surgery, laser treatment, chemotherapy, and stents are the most common treatments used to improve the life of people suffering from the disease.

stage 4 stomach cancer

Stage 4 Stomach Cancer Means Metastasis

Stage 4 Stomach Cancer is very extensive and the cancer cells may even reach the bloodstream and travel to distant parts of the body. Metastasis is the term used to refer to the spread of tumor from one organ to another in which the cancer is then generally noted as incurable. This is because the newly affected organs will in turn fuel the growth and reproduction of the malignant cells that will then cause even faster overall degradation of the body.

The best way to combat Stomach Cancer is preventing it from reaching Stage 4. Regular extensive overall checkups are your best allies in this matter. Even annual checkups may suffice as a tumor usually needs at least five years to mature and reach advanced states. The time of detection is vital in the fight against Stage 4 Stomach Cancer so make sure to have overall medical examinations even if only once a year.