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Terminal Cancer

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Terminal cancer is a stage wherein the malignant cancer cells have already spread in various regions of the body reducing the hope of survival of the individual to almost zero percent.

Terminal Cancer and It’s Implications

Mortality is a given fact to us humans. We we’re born of a specific date and we don’t know when our lives will end. Some die of a normal death, due to accidents and some because of a life changing disease. Illnesses today have evolved due to the medicines we intake since smaller organisms evolve a lot faster. Our cells evolve everyday even if we don’t know about it. Climate, environment and even our food intake greatly affects our cells. Some bad effects could lead to an abnormal growth in our cells that may disrupt the harmony in our body and may even lead to fatality.

Terminal Cancer: Cancer Stages

Terminal cancer or stage four cancer is when the tumor in a specific part has expanded affecting other tissues in the process. Stage one and two of cancer is considered a critical stage for someone who has cancer because this is where the chances of removing the malignant cancer tumor can be removed without it damaging or infecting other tissues or organs near it.  It usually is the sign of the end of a person with cancer. People who have  cancer are given 8 months to a year maximum to live if operation is no longer an option.

terminal cancer

Terminal Cancer and Emotional Support

Family members of people with terminal cancer shouldn’t feel down for their kin. They should support them more through this stage that they are going through. Sometimes cancer can cause the patient to lose every bit of hope and driving themselves to a deeper hole by not taking care of them. We should always remember that as long as there is life, there is hope. Even though terminal cancer survival rates are close to none, there still are chances that this people would survive. Some people with cancer who chose to hope eventually were cured without knowing it. There is nothing wrong in hoping to heal. The only wrong thing in this world is to give up on living just because of a Terminal Cancer.