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Throat Cancer Survival Rate

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

From the phrase itself, throat cancer survival rate is the duration of time a patient with throat cancer has the likelihood of surviving or extending his/her life in a certain period of time. Usually, throat cancer survival rates are measured within 5 years just like most existing cancers.

Throat Cancer Survival Rate and Early Detection

Fortunately, because of throat cancer’s highest prevalence of being detected earlier, most patients are beginning to improve their condition, therefore, throat cancer survival rate has become quite higher thanks to early detection, proper diagnosis and new advancement in medical research and treatment regimen.

Throat Cancer Survival Rate Statistics

Statistics reports that around 25 thousand Americans are diagnosed with throat cancer per annum. Throat cancer is the cancer of the larynx (voice box) and surrounding tissues inside your throat. Nearly fifty percent of throat cancer cases arise from the larynx. This cancer is more common in males and symptoms usually start when a person ages. This is because smoking, which is one of the greatest causative factors, is common among males compared to females. The negative symptoms associated with smoking also don’t show at the earlier stages of life but mostly during the later years.

throat cancer survival rate

Throat Cancer Survival Rate By Stage

Like many other cancer survival rates, your throat cancer survival rate may primarily depend on the stage of the cancer you’re currently in to when you were diagnosed. Next to the stages, your survival percentage will then be evaluated based on your current over-all health status, your age and other factors including the competence of your oncologist.

During the first 2 stages of cancer (Stage 0 and Stage 1), your chances of extending your life up to 5 years after the final diagnosis is quite high at 90% to 98%. It is because at these stages, the tumor isn’t quite too big and it hasn’t affected the surrounding lymph nodes or tissues yet. Therefore, if the cancer cells are immediately detected, they’re easier to remove.

At around the second and third stage of cancer, your rate of survival also decreases significantly at 60-75 percent. This may even drop lower in if the third stage becomes too severe that it’s affecting a couple of lymph nodes even those that are not exactly nearby.

Obviously at the last stage or the metastatic stage of the cancer, expect a lower rate of survival. By this time, your chances of living up to 5 years from now are only at 30%, which is frankly poor. During this stage of the cancer, your cancer cells may invade the nearest organs from your throat – namely the lungs, brain, and heart. Once cancer cells gets into these vital organs, Throat Cancer Survival Rate for even 2 years is very low.