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Uterine Cancer Survival Rate

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

In most cases, uterine cancer survival rate is measured within five years.

What is a Uterine Cancer Survival Rate?

A uterine cancer survival rate is the percentage of a patient with uterine cancer to survive up to 5 years of life. For example, if you doctor tells you that your survival rate is only 50%, this usually means that the likelihood of you extending your life up to 5 years from now is only half. Technically, it may mean you only have 2 years and 6 months to live. Although that’s not always the case – it could be earlier or later than 2 yrs and 6 mos.

To be honest, uterine cancer survival rate is based on a large scale of people –patients who had the same cancer as yours- and therefore, we cannot expect that you will actually have the same duration of survival. Like what many doctors say, no two patients are exactly a like even when they have the same diagnosis.

In most cancer cases, the rate of survival highly depends on the stage of the cancer the patient is currently into. Needless to say, the later the stage is, the poorer the prognosis and the lower the chances of survival becomes.

The uterine cancer survival rate shown below is based on relative measurement which means that the results are estimated in accordance to the data gathered from our survey. The rate shown below is based on two categories – race (Caucasian and African American) and stages.

Uterine Cancer Survival Rate By Race

From research studies conducted from the year 1995-2001, Caucasian women who were diagnosed of uterine cancer have a higher prevalence of surviving up to five years at 86.2% while African American women has around 61.8% survival rate. The exact reason for this huge gap between the survival percentages of the two races is unknown but it’s loosely related to the food choices and lifestyle preferences.

Uterine Cancer Survival Rate By Stages

As what was mentioned earlier, the later the stage, the lower the chances of surviving. At worst, during the stage of metastasis (where the cancer proliferates to the vital organs nearby), your survival percentage could drop as low as 20-30 percent which technically assumes that you only have around a year from now to live. The good thing is, more than 70% of uterine cancer cases are diagnosed while the cancer is still under the earlier stages; around 16% is then diagnosed once the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes; only 8% are diagnosed when cancer has reached the final stage and 4 % has unknown stages.

By stages, your rate of survival will be at:

  • 96.1% for Stages 0-1
  • 66.3% for Stages 2-3
  • 25.2% for Stage 4
Like all cancer rates of survival, Uterine Cancer Survival Rate gradually lowers as the stage goes higher.