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Uterus Cancer Survival Rate

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

A Uterus Cancer Survival Rate is the percentage of people who have lasted 5 years or more following diagnosis of uterine cancer. The rates of cancer survival are based on studies conducted on thousands of individuals suffering a certain type of cancer. As a patient, you must know that this is not supposed to be used as your lifeline because it isn’t. Many cancer patients lose hope as soon as they learn that they only have a few years or months to live. As a person working in the medical field, I personally discourage you from losing hope. Cancer won’t be a killer disease unless you believe it to be so. And even if in the long run it may be, at least don’t give it the satisfaction of not giving it a good fight.

Most statistical studies conducted that aim to measure survival rates are using a time period of 5 years, from which the subjects will be rated by how many of them remains living after 5 years. Pardon the bluntness, but we want to face reality here. Denial will never be helpful to both patients and loved ones dealing with uterine cancer.

The rate of survival for this type of cancer may be measured by a lot of factors but most researchers find using the stages to be the most reliable basis for measuring Uterus Cancer Survival Rate.

Similar to most cancer cases, the Uterus Cancer Survival Rate is inversely proportional to the development of the disease. This means that the rate of survival drastically decreases as the disease progresses to its later stages. In fact, this is true to all cancer types.

Patients who were diagnosed as early as stage 1 have the highest percentage of survival at 96-100%. The good thing is that most uterine cancer cases are diagnosed at the early stage, thus, more women are increasing their chances of reaching more than 5 years after being diagnosed.

When the disease is detected after it has already affected the surrounding tissues or lymph nodes, the Uterus Cancer Survival Rate also drops to 66%. Only 16 percent amongst those suffering cancer of the uterus gets detected at stages 2 and 3.

There only about 4-8% of patients diagnosed at the last stage but this doesn’t change the fact that those who are may only have 25% chances of adding 5 years to their lives.