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Liver Cancer Survival Rates

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

This article aims to give informative discussion about Liver Cancer Survival Rates.

Liver Cancer Survival Rates: Definition

Liver cancer survival rates are low because the disease is diagnosed late most often and death usually occurs within a few months of diagnosis. The high incidence of the disease in the developing world may be because of late diagnosis and poor treatment options. Liver transplants may not be a viable option in these countries. Moreover, in these countries only 30% of Liver Cancers are diagnosed when surgery is a possible treatment option.

Global Liver Cancer Survival Rates

The overall worldwide Liver Cancer survival rates indicate that only 7% of Liver Cancer patients will be alive5 years after diagnosis. In cases where surgery is a possible option to remove the cancer, 75% will survive for 1 year, 50% for 3 years and 30% for 5 years.

liver cancer survival rates

Liver cancers are of two types, primary and secondary. Liver Cancer is relatively rare in the western world where Primary Liver Cancer accounts for just 1% of total cancers detected. The annual incidence of Liver Cancer in the US is 16600 cases. Most of these cases are Metastatic Hepatic Secondary Carcinoma which is a secondary Liver Cancer that spreads to the liver from cancers in the other organs of the body such as the bowel, colon, breast or lungs.

Primary Liver cancer is more common in Asia and Africa and in other developing countries which account for 80% of Liver Cancers worldwide. Primary Liver Cancer comes from the liver tissue itself, due to previous chronic liver disease like hepatitis or cirrhosis.

Liver Cancer Survival Rates Are High With Surgery

Liver cancer survival rates are highest with a liver transplant, as high as 75% for 5 years. However, the stage of the cancer when the transplant is done is important to determine the survival rate. Liver transplants at a metastatic stage of Liver Cancer do not offer any survival rate at all because sooner or later the cancer will spread from the other organs to the new liver.

Surgical resection is also reasonably successful when tumors are localized, giving patients significant Liver Cancer Survival Rates, in some case as high as those of a liver transplant.

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  1. Chanel says:

    My mum who is 51 is going through mestatic liver cancer. I’m afraid to even say it out loud, but i think she is entering the final stages. Her urine recently has started to go orange. Is anyone in this stage yet, or know of anyone who was at this stage and could tell me how long she has got left?

    I would just like to say, how comforting it is reading all the above comments. Even though all comments are to do with this horrible disease, it’s nice to know that i am not the only one searching desperately for any advise to keep our loved ones here a little longer. I was reading a comment about a lady’s little 5 year old fighting this disease, and it made me realise how lucky i am to have grown into an adult infront of my mum’s eyes and gave her 2 beautiful grandchildren. Others are not so lucky with their time.

    Goodluck to all of your loved ones. Sending much love and happy healthy thoughts your way :)

  2. Chanel says:

    Samantha – My mum had primary breast cancer and now has secondary liver cancer. She was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago now, and is coming to the last stages. Stay positive and don’t focus on the disease. I belive this has helped my mum greatly :)

  3. Sherry cark says:

    Mary,I know the heartbreak.We just got the final results on my cousin-in-law and good friend today.NUMERIOUS CANCER TUMORS ON HER LIVER. I have cried until I have made myself sick. she had breast cancer 4 yrs ago and did super great. I didn’t have a clue that once you have cancer that it usually comes back to another organ.God is the only hope we have.I wish i knew your sister-in-laws name to lift her up in serious prayer. but God being God I’m sure he knows Mary Johnson’s sister-in laws name.I don’t know town or state either.I am a born again,bought by the blood of Jesus Christian.God does deal with spacifics with prayer. I will go with what I’ve got.I layed myself out to God last night for my cousin.As far as I’m concerned she was healed this morning at 12:44am.Who am I that he would grant such a request,only his child that is deeply hurting but I can believe for her sake that he would who I consider a much better person than me. Agree in prayer with me daily.I live in Fayetteville,NC.My victum
    of satan is Pat.Her husband has to be the most wonderful person I have ever known.He helps more people than you would believe possible.To hear him crying over her is the most heartbreaking sound I have ever heard and I have heard major heartbreak.Keep me posted.wow did I need you today. I am Sherry Clark.Pleased to meet you

  4. linda says:


  5. shireka says:

    My dad just got diagnosed with liver cancer last month the docs saying they can’t do nothing from him he’s taking morphine shots was everyday but now they doing it once a month do you all think its any treatments out there that can help him because they said chemo will not help I took chemo for lupus in 09 for 7 months and it helped with my lupus and kidney disease I’m praying for all the families whose going through this with this disease praying that a cure will be find the Bible said by God stripes we are healed

  6. Gary says:

    My dad was diagnosed with liver cancer a few weeks ago. He is 52. Before the cancer he turned his life over to Christ and is a different man. I want to thank God for that!! We are waiting to find out staging and other important info. His urine has turned orange as well. From what I have found It is because of decreased liver function or a side effect of one of his meds that was prescribed to eliminate the ammonia from his blood. Likely the liver. There is a chemical called bilirubin that your liver normally pushes through the bile duct. If you liver or gallbladder is not doing it’s job your body will push it out through the urine. If I find out anything more I will fill you in.

  7. Donna says:

    My mom had breast Cancer 3 years Ago and Was just told last sept that it went to her liver…she has went through alot of chemo rounds(11) and Had taken the pill xedola,which put her in the hospital for a month fighting for her life.the doctors thought she wasnt gong to make it.but,she fooled them.she is home now and is doing great! and is getting her strength back.she went to the doc the other day to get results of her scan and they said that some of the cancer had srunk and only 1 had grew just a little,they put her on aromasin…..im staying postive and am enjoying everyday with my mom as I always done in the past..hoping for cure!

  8. Marlo says:

    I’ve read all the posts. And I pray for everyone and their families. My husband was diagnosed with stg. 4 colon cancer that lead to his liver. It has been a yr and a half he’s been on treatment (chemo). He turned 45 a few months ago and I pray he makes it to every holiday. Chemo is every 2 wks with 1 wk being good…we’ll it went from a good week to a few days to maybe a few hours a day. He takes pain pills to mask the pain but all it does is make him sleep. He’s been on 3 different cocktails of chemo, xeloda (sp) and now we need to change his mix again. I gave him the independence to take control of his health and it hasn’t improved. So, I’m stepping back in (though I never really left, just wanted him to think I did) to make decisions and be aggressive with his doctor. This is now a serious battle trying to keep him comfortable and yet going on with life with our two sons. A teen playing baseball/basketball and a younger son with special needs. To say the least, I feel like I’m leading a double life. Hopefully next wks scan will give us some good news. He already wants to go to Hospice. I feel it’s premature but fully understand his pain. Please pray for my husband and if there is any new treatments anyone has had or heard of, please post. God Bless!!

  9. Lisa says:

    46 year old stage IV breast cancer survivor here..diagnosed AT stageIV in 2005, told I had two years to live. Well, after 8 months of chemo went into complete remissiom for FIVE years. Recent recurrance but still fighting back and not planning on going anywhere! You are not a statistic..every person’s experience is different. Ignore the numbers, plan for the worst but hope for the best! Don’t blow all your money because you may live longer than you think! Educate yourself about your disease, seek second, third anfpd fouth opinions. Consult a major cancer hospital in your region! Stay involved in your care and treatment decisions. A passive patient can easily become a dead one! There are new treatments every day and more around the corner! No website, or doctor, can tell you how long you really have!

    Seek reliable resources on the internet and do your homework. Listen not to other people’s experiences or medical horror stories…your journey will be unique to YOU!

    Fear is the enemy..LIVE one day at a time. Good luck and god bless!

  10. kaye says:

    my dad diagnose that he had liver cancer stage 4 (LIVER CYROSIS)….THE DOCTOR said my dad short month to live……my dad is in 6months fighting the liver cancer…the doctor said chemo is not the the possible coz the patient will become weak, also the biopsy the doctor will not allow coz the patient will be bleeding………..i hope my dad can survive for long years……..

  11. Samantha says:

    Just found out my beautiful mother in law has secondary liver cancer. Starting chemo on Tuesday. It sucks to think she is going to have to go thru another round of care and treatment. I just hope she can overcome this and will fight it. I agree with Lisa – we’re not statistics. I’m a cancer survivor and I hate the thought that it could return. :(

  12. Dave says:

    48 years old and I was diagnosed with secondary liver cancer just a few weeks ago from a melanoma late in 2009. I have just begun a clinical trail and hope for the best. This certainly came as a surprise as I am feeling the best I have since completing the treatment for the melanoma (weight and strength 100%). My spirits are good and I’m leaving it in Gods hands. I understand this is not curable and a prediction on life expectancy is difficult at best however I would really like to have a better grasp on how and when I will deteriorate so I can go sky diving while I still have the strength.

  13. James Dukes says:

    My brother was diagnosed with colon cancer last year he went through surgery where they operated on his liver it spreaded from the colon to the stomach to the liver they removed the tumors from his liver and he went through chemo, they say they got it here 9 mos. later its back and covers 50% of his liver his doctor suggest more chemo. we (his sister) think we will try prayer again then the chemo. I love my brother and will try anything to keep him alive and feeling good. will keep you posted.

  14. Mark says:

    Some 15 months ago my wife (aged 52 yrs)was diagnosed with secondary liver cancer which had also spread to the bones. It was advanced 4th stage and we didnt have a lot of optimism re the future.

    Now on month 15 of chemo, recently changed to Xedola plus regular Avestin and she is just doing fine…Fantastic care here in Southern Spain…They like to refer to her condition as “chronic” which I guess reflects on going improvement in treatment and survival time.

    Every case is different..never give up!

  15. lisa garcia says:

    my sister was diagnosed that she is in a final stage of liver cancer but she don’t want to undergo any treatment because of financial problem she cant afford any medical treatment/but she have big trust in our mighty God and ask for his guidance to help her not to feel any harm while fighting the cancer, and thanks God he answer my sister prayer.

  16. John says:

    I was diagnosed with suspected liver cancer in Sept 2011 after taking an ultrasound test. I also have Hep C and cirrhosis. Follow up blood work and a CT scan in November confirmed two cancer tumors on my liver, one slightly over 5cm and the other 4.5cm. Localized to the Liver, one node, and is slow growing. My liver functions are normal still…there is a God, prayer works, and miracles do happen, keep the faith. I do not qualify for a liver transplant but surgury is an option (my liver is only 12cm long!). We are all unique children of God here on earth…never lose hope, or faith; keep a positive attitude, fight, and be of good cheer. My prayers are will all those battling cancer.

  17. preeti says:

    My dad was recognized with liver cancer in 2010 December. we did a surgery in March 2011. Soonafter 6 months we found that the liver cancer has spread to lungs also. My father is doing his normanl works but without any treatment. He gets a full stomach when he eats a little also. i am expecting some reply from people who have similar experiences regarding his survival rate.
    Thank yo all.Best wishes for fighters against cancer..

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