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Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rates

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Pancreatic cancer survival rates are one of the lowest among cancers survival rates, with less than 5% of those diagnosed with the disease reaching the 5 year survival mark. Pancreatic cancer is considered to be the “worst” of all cancers. This is because this disease is rarely discovered in the early stages, resulting in a poor prognosis for the disease. Complete remissions are extremely rare.

Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rates Reported Low

As per the American Cancer Society, Pancreatic Cancer is the 4th leading cause for cancer deaths in the US each year. As per estimates, in 2007, 37000 people were diagnosed with the disease and 34000 died from it. In Europe, around 60,000 people are diagnosed with the disease each year. The mortality rate is approximately the same as the rate of incidence, the median survival rate for pancreatic cancer being 3 to 6 months from diagnosis.

Pancreatic cancer is rarely diagnosed early and is very often misdiagnosed because it has hardly any or no typical symptoms in the early stages. Typical symptoms are abdominal pain and jaundice and these symptoms manifest themselves only in the advanced stage of the disease. Nearly two thirds of patients are diagnosed with the disease at this stage where the disease is metastatic or locally advanced.

pancreatic cancer survival rates

Surgery Might Increase Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rates

Surgery is offered as an option, but not in all cases. When it is offered, it is done so not as a cure or to increase the pancreatic cancer survival rate, but rather to improve the quality of life of the person affected with the disease.

Whether surgery is offered or not first of all depends on the stage of the disease. The surgical procedure is a Pancreaticduodenectomy, also called the Whipple procedure. This is a major surgery and is performed if the tumor is at a resectable stage, which is when the tumor is confined to the pancreas only and is clearly separated from the surrounding blood vessels. This gives patients an extended life span by approximately 17 months. Chemotherapy is offered after surgery, and this can increase the pancreatic cancer survival rate to about 5 years.

Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rates with Surgery

Surgery is also offered for palliative purposes when the cancer is advanced and if the tumor has invaded or is compressing the duodenum or the colon. At this stage, surgery only improves the quality of life.

Statistics bear witness to the claim that this is one of the deadliest of all cancers as medical intervention can improve pancreatic cancer survival rates marginally only and that too for about 15-20% of patients only.

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  1. NY Limousine says:

    This post really helped my family and I out a lot. Thanks for the info because you made our decision making process much easier.

  2. Randy says:

    My wife was diagnosed stage 4 pancreatic cancer, spread to her liver, in October 2009. She was given 6 months without treatment, maybe 1 year with. She completed chemo in May 2010, and has had 2 PET scans since, and is cancer free. Man gives no hope, but God is bigger than any cancer. With God, there is always hope.

  3. Michelle says:

    My mother was diagonosed with pancreatic cancer in Feb 2002, after almoat a year of having severe pain and nausea, but doctors couldn’t determine the problem. We were told her live expectancy was 40 weeks, she had radiation and chemo, actually they used 3 types of chemo simultaneoulsy. I watched her battle the pain and nausea, she lost her hair and so much weight. We were told by her oncologist that this disease would kill her, but he hoped to give her more time. We lost her in Jan of 2003. My mother was my best friend and the most wonderful mother and grandmother in the world. I was amazed with her strength and determination to fight this horrible disease. Throughtout the long and devestating time she fought with undeniable grace. I miss her so terribly every day. I feel so bad for everyone who is facing this disease either themselves or with a loved one. I wish that there was more work being done to end this awful cancer. I want tell everyone to treasure every moment you have and enjoy your family to the fullest.

  4. Barbara says:

    My dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 pancreatic cancer September 2010, after him going to the doctor for weight loss & constipation. He was 75. He had the Whipple Procedure at the Cancer Institute of NJ at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, performed by Dr. Gannon. He never had a chance to recover physically because he caught an internal infection that had to be drained. He also lost his sight b/c of extremely high blood sugar levels, which was a result of the surgery. He was moved back & forth between rehabs & the hospital, until we finally made the decision to move him to a hospice for his remaining days. He declined physically & then mentally, and we could not put him through any more pain & suffering. He passed away November 15, 2010 – just 2 months after getting his diagnosis. I’m not saying his surgeon was at fault, but I would not recommend him b/c he lacked compassion & empathy. What was an extremely emotional & difficult time for my family was worsened by each interaction with this doctor.

    I have to admit I am jealous of those that have happier stories to tell. I wish everyone affected by this cancer peace & strength.

  5. Shonna says:

    It hurts my heart to hear all these storys i just went trough this with my mom she passed july 5th 2010 it is the worst i wish that part of my life was just gone she was still here n we could talk on the phone ten times a day but she isnt n it hurts i live in fear every day i will get it n my three sons will have to see there mother slip away n watch her last breaths as i did but then i also worry for my kids i rather it be me than them i cry so much wanting to know why there isnt a cure for such a awfull thing . my mother was 50 she had 5 kids 10 grandkids she is never really gone i will fight to the end to make sure everyone knows her story n how hard she tryed to stay alive n how she tryed to spare all our feelings by acting like she was ok …. ILOVE YOU MOM I MISS YOU SO MUCH

  6. Betty says:

    My mom 78 years old was told she had pancreatic cancer in May 2007 and was at the beginning stage. We were to wait for a call from a houston hospital but the call never came. So my sister and I talked to a local surgeon to do the whipple operation and he agreed along with several other surgeons. They performed the surgery and opened her up only to close her back up. Supposely the cancer had spread to the liver, all the pancreas, and part of her stomach. We we told to take her back to the house and make her as comfortable as possible. She past away in August, 2007 five days after the surgery.

  7. Jeff Cobb says:

    My wife has pancreatic cancer for four years as of last week, she has not had the whipple. She was at stage 3!!!!!!!!
    Keep the faith and DO NOT GIVE up and you will live with us on the great earth.

  8. greg says:

    My father God rest his soul,he passed away in Sept after a 2 yr fight w/P.C.(2007-2010). He had the whipple procedure done followed by chemo & radiation. The P.C. was in remision, then it came back vigourously & we were told he was in stage 4. He was in stage 4 for about 10 mo. Around july the oncologist said he unable to give my dad anymore treatments due to hthe canccer spreading rapidly,his wt.loss & cell count. Without the treatments his condition deteroirated rapidly. By the time he died in Sept. he was bed ridden. I’m thankful that I got an extra 2.5 yrs after the whipple to spend w/him before his death. I only wish they had detected it sooner. I must stress to everyone to decrese your smokin, alcohol intake, & intake of animanl fat 4 they all increase 1′s likelihood of getting P.C.

  9. jason says:

    I’m sorry for everyone’s pain and sufferings but I’m in a situation where I’m a single father of a 10 year old girl and her mother is playing games with her and doesn’t see her and now she’s saying she got chrones and now she saying she got pancreatic cancer but never had any symptoms or anything and now she’s saying o they caught it in time but had no surgery or chemo. Along story short She’s been in and out of jail and and is a drugy, and I’m trying to keep my daughter saafe and away from her but courts are not helping much does anyone know or have information that could help me with the courts on this matter? Any help would be appreciated. Email me at talon91dsm@gmail.com thank you and live life as best you can and stay strong

  10. Catherine, says:

    I would like to give hope to patients with pancreatic surgery, in this case, Whipple, I would like to say that I went through a extremely hard time untill the surgery was done. Stayed 5weeks in the hospital due to complications. I completed 5 years of not being to eat, sleep and live on morphine due to the pain associated. Loss of weigh? am now barely 90 pounds.For me the discipline with eating, resting etc is what has kept me alive. Believe me it is also hard on your family and can understand other patiens that really would like to see it end. Winter months does not help either. God has a purpose with me and am willing to accept this even is live is so so hard.

  11. Terri says:

    I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer that had spread to my liver on October 1st 2009. I underwent chemo as my tumor was on the tail of the pancrease and not a candidate for the WHIPPLE surgery. Praise God, I am in complete remission. I was found cancer free in May of 2010. I am a teacher and did not work from October 1st 2009 until May 15th 2010. There is hope!! I don’t know why God used my doctors and chemotherapy to heal me when so many other have not survived. My husbands grandfather died of Pancreatic cancer. My brother-in-law died of Pancreatic cancer at 41. I have lost 3 friends to this horrible disease. But I could not just give up. I had to fight. I hope that the information from my treatment can help others. I treasure everyday. I pray for each of you that have written in. I hope you find encouragement from this. I was treated in a small cancer treatment center in Alabama. No famous doctor’s. Just dedicated, caring wonderful doctors and nurses who are trying to make a difference.

  12. julie says:

    My mother just died from pancreatic cancer 3 weeks ago. If we would have had more time we would have pursued a treatment called Reno cyberknife (google it). It is such a devastating and heartbreaking illness. I will pray for all of you and may god give you Hope. Hope was what gave my mom strength to keep going as she would say “One day at a time”.

  13. Steve says:

    I am 68 and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Sept. 2009. On October 15 I had a Whipple (at Johns Hopkins)_. Unfortunately, my pathology report showed cancer cells both in two lymph nodes and in the bed of the tumor (especially along a blood vessel that the tumor had abutted), which means it was stage 3 (although my doctors don’t make a big deal about the stages per se). It took a while for my digestive system to recover, but recover it did. I had 30 days of radiation in December-January, followed in February-May by chemotherapy three times a month for three months. The radiation tired me out mainly the last week and for the following two weeks, and the chemo tired me out for about 2 days after each infusion, but otherwise I handled them well. I also developed a fistula (bile leaking to my skin)as a result of the Whipple, that was closed in a smaller operation in September 2010. I go for CT scans every 3 months — so far, so good. I am back to leading a normal life, doing vigorous outdoor exercise (30-40 mile road bike rides, whitewater paddling) and traveling internationally (we went on safari and to the World Cup in southern Africa in June 2010; spent 3 weeks in the Philippines in Nov-Dec 2010). Of course, the sword of Damocles is still hanging there, and I get a little anxious in the days preceding each CT scan, but everyone (including me) is amazed at how normal I look and feel and behave.

  14. reddy says:

    my father was diagnosed in december 2010.he is in 54 now.and i dont know in which stage he is.now we started cheamo ..he finished first course yesterday.after that he feels some heart pain.we dont know what’s going in.he is a diabetic patient from his 28.
    so..can we expect good?

  15. Naomi Bratz says:

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  16. Debbie Hall says:

    My momma was diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer in July of 2010. She was 55 years old at the time of diagnosis. The cancer was in the head of the pancreas and was located in 3 of her lympnodes in the pancreas. She had the whipple procedure at UAB in Birmingham Alabama August the 3rd. She stayed in the hospital for 10 weeks due to complications after surgery…Liver and kidney failure along with pneumonia which had set in. She was in ICU more than I can count during the 10 weeks of being in the hospital.. Dr. John Christine and his wonderful staff is the reason that my momma is still here with us today! She is undergoing chemo ‘GEMZAR’ at this time for precautionary measures. Her last scans and blood work showed that no cancer was present..I pray each and every day that the cancer continues to stay away… The statistics are not good with adneocarsenoma cancer of the pancreas..I do have a coworker that had a husband to live with pancreatic cancer for 19 years. I hope that my momma continues to have many more years with us. She says that she is only doing this chemo for her family..and will not undergo any more treatments if cancer does decide to return..After what all she has already been through we will honor her decision..
    When we first knew that something was wrong with momma she said to me, “Before we are even born GOD knows the exact date of our death and nothing and no one can change our expiration date here on this earth. This gave me only a little of comfort…We pray each and every day that she will continue to be with us for many more years to come….God is giving us this time to create many more memories with her..Memories that I will cherish forever..Remember that GOD is in control..

  17. Angie says:

    my husband is 35 y/o and just Dx w/ stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.als/liver .I am scared to death. Our children are 12 and 15. IDK what to do/say to him at all . How can I face my children/ and other people when I can’t face itmyself?
    keepitkool80@hotmail.com Angie Wise

  18. julie pitcher says:

    Pancreatic cancer take your hands off my 58 years young DAD. My father is stronger than i and it was the hardest thing he ever had to do was to tell his children the news. Thats a month ago now and how has life change for us all we will fight with and for you dad all the way.

  19. lisa says:

    My mom was also diagnosed in 2010 They say the skill of your surgeon means everything we were fortunate enough with gods help to find Dr James Cameron ans others here have he is in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins the number one surgeon in the world for pancreatic cancer. My mom went there from Michigan and it was the best decision we have ever made she has went through chemo and radiation and as of now all cat scans are negative. Keep the faith and with gods help big things are possible.

  20. amy says:

    My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just when he was 42. Luckily, because he was young enough and had a good health record, he was in research studies that helped to find aonther treatment. the scientists found out a way to help my dad live 6 months longer so we had many more fun times together. sadly, he died when i was only seven. he lived 1 1/2 years with pancreatic cancer. it’s hard to say goodbye

  21. Michelle HIll says:

    May I ask for prayers for a young man I know who is only 23 and found out he’s almost at stage 4 of Pancreatic cancer. He just started the Navy in October to having to leave finding out about his cancer. He is going to Chicago for surgery on a large mass on March 1st. Im asking for any and all prayers for him. Thanks in advance

  22. C. Lynn says:

    My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer 12/2010. He is getting Chemo-therapy. This is a frustrating disease he is 56 years old. We both feel that there is no hope from the medical world as soon as they see that the cancer has spread. The weight my husband has lost is unbelievable and he is weak from the chemo. I am hoping for a miracle. Many people think that I am dreaming. He just started the 4th cycle of Chemo and he really gets pretty sick from it. He doesn’t like people seeing how thin he has become so, he doesn’t like to go out or have visitors. I wish they would find a cure for this cancer.

  23. Debbie Gibbs says:

    My 80 yr old mother was diagnosed with Stage III pancreatic cancer in July 2010. Only bypass surgery was done to relieve symptoms, since she was not a candidate for Whipple. She had a 7 wk series of Gemzar, followed by 34 daily (5 days x wk) radiation treatments, along with a lower dose of Gemzar once weekly. In Feb. 2011, her CT scan taken 4 weeks after her final rad treatment indicated no cancer – anywhere. Has anyone else experienced this or heard of this? I know without surgery there’s not much hope, but without surgery is a ‘cure’ possible out there anywhere? No experimental or radical treatment – just Gemzar and Radiation for inoperable pancan in the head of her pancreas that had invaded major vein trunk and lymph node/s. I can’t find any report that would indicate if/how long average the tumor returns, if it returns to the pancreas or other organ or any other information. I fear it will return and I wonder how long we have with her before it happens. CAN ANYONE HELP????

  24. Hope says:

    My mother-in-law was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in July of 2009 (just two months after the very sudden death of my husband [her son]) She underwent the Whipple Surgery in August 2009 and did 6 months of Chemo – once a week for three weeks, then off a week, every month for 6 months straight. She completed Chemo in February of 2010 and it was brutal on her and her health. She was in the ER every week for dehydration and nausea. After Chemo was over and she was declared “cancer free” and was able to go back to work only to lose her job two months later. She dealt with alot of back pain and stomach problems alot after Chemo and just chalked it up to her body trying to heal up and get used to the surgery and the not doing the Chemo anymore. Because she lost her job, she also lost her health insurance and was not able to get her regular PET scans. With the back pain getting worse and worse, she kept having to go to the ER because the pain was so unbearable. They would do ultrasounds, ct scans and lab work and find nothing. This went on for a couple of months. On February 3, 2011, she went to the ER because the pain was persistent and had now spread to her neck and the back of her head. They did all of the tests they had done so many times before, but this time found 6 tumors on various parts of her body. The cancer was back… We were working hard to try and get her a referral to a larger city and find some one to accept her with no insurance when she was rushed back to the ER for severe stomach pains. On February 17, 2011 she underweant surgery for a bowel obstruction and thats when they realized that the cancer had not only spread to her liver, but to her lungs, spine, stomach, intestines and colon (Stage 4). They had to put in a colostomy bag because of all of the damage the obstruction (which turned out to be a cancerous tumor) and the cancer had done. She was in the hospital for a week and then they sent her home, simply stating that there was nothing that they could do for her. She is now living with me and Hospice is coming everyday to keep her comfortable. We are learning as much as we can about palliative care and dressing the wound from her surgery (which we have to pack with wet dressings and cover with dry, 2 times a day – they refused to close the wound, saying it would do more harm than good) and changing the colostomy bags. They gave her a mere six months to live, if that, because the cancer is progressing so fast. The most unbearable part is seeing her cry everyday and question why she is going through all of this. She is one of the amazing women I have ever had to pleasure of knowing. She is one of my best friends and I will never understand all of this… She is only 52 years old. Please pray for her.

  25. sally says:

    my brother was dx with 4th stage pancreatic cancer which had spread to the liver one month ago and has been in the hospital for 3 weeks today. he didn’t even get a chance to domchemo. today doctor said everything is shutting down and probably only has a few days. how did this spread so fast we haven’t even had time to digest the fact he is sick. i am still hoping for a mircle and that god keeps him here with us but i don’t want to him to suffer my god he is only 57 just became a granddad my baby brother. its so devastating i just do not understand life anymore. april 6 2011

  26. Deb says:

    My mum’s partner had pancreatitis 5 months ago in november and doctors treated him for this, although they said they thought it might be cancer, but nothing was done, and they sent him home. However after developing yellow jaundice he went to hospital monday got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer thursday and passed away monday, the cancer had spread to liver they say. Do not beleive in doctors any more, they could have prolonged his life but chose not to.

  27. Dolly Roe says:

    I work with a woman who was diagnoised with the cancer. Today she told me that she is in the 4th stage. She wears a wig has lost weight and is starting another round of chemo even after finding out that she has cancer in her stomach. Her strength and courage is what makes me write this. She comes to work and behaves like she has 20 years left on her life. I wish and hope for a cure for all cancers. Be brave.

  28. I was diagnosed with pancreatic & kidney cancer 9/1989. I had a nephrectomy & Whipple & spent 4-1/2 months in ICU on life support & dialysis, & another 2 weeks in a regular hospital room. I went in weighing 204# and weighed 115# when I got out of hospital. Recovery was long & at that time, there was no radiation or chemo treatment available for pancreatic cancer & kidney cancer doesn’t respond to either one very well even now. During the time in the hospital, I had 10 surgical procedures & over 2,000 units of blood. While in the hospital, I had a heavenly visitation & was told that everything would be all right. In 1999, I had 2 additional tumors show up on my remaining kidney. They were removed without incident. I am now almost 22 years cancer free. I offer encouragement to anyone who is dealing with pancreatic or kidney cancer. It isn’t over until it’s over! I have a book titled An Angel Comes to the ICU that will be out in November, & I hope you will read it and draw strength from it. I also have a blog you may want to visit – Survivingthewhipple.wordpress.com. I have just started it, but will hopefully be able to help others going through this terrible disease. God bless each of you dealing with it!

  29. Steve says:

    I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late November 2010. I had the whipple procedure on December 15. I was told to expect 12 days in the hospital, but got to go home on day 5. The cancer was completely removed and was not in my lymph glands. I will finish my 5th cycle of chemotherapy next week. I will then receive at least one more month of additional treatment because of a study in which I am a participant. It may include radiation plus combination chemotherapy. I look and feel 100% healthy. Weight loss has been stable. I too, had a visit from an Angel while in ICU. I was assured that everything is ok. I was told that my “job” in life was to live by the greatest commandment: Love the Lord my God with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind and all my strength, and to love my neighbor as I love myself (Mark 12:29). This really hit home with me because it is so simple, yet is really what all of our jobs are. I believe in the power of doctors and surgeries and chemo and radiation, but prayer is way more powerful than all of these combined. I pray that each of you find healing and peace and comfort in the Lord. I plan on watching all five of my grandkids grow up. Peace!

  30. Janet says:

    I had the whipple procedure on 4/27 after being diagnosed with pc of the head stage 11. I was discharged after 5 days but had to go back for a kinked intestine which was corrected.

    Many sites on the internet are so doom and gloom. Everyone’s experience is individual. If you stay positive and strong and have a deep faith God will give you comfort.

    I will begin chemo for 6 months as an adjuvant therapy. I am not looking forward to it but know that it will only be temporary. There are many pc and whipple procedure survivors who have positive stories to tell.

    Stay strong and believe in prayer.

  31. Irma Reid says:

    Dear Friends,
    My fifty eight year old cousin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and underwent the Whipple procedure. Some tissue was left and she will go through radiation. Please pray for Liz, her husband, her mother, her children, her siblings and their spouses. We pray for all cancer patients and request prayers for Liz Sendejo. Thanks, Irma

  32. gene willis says:

    my brother who is 59 years old was diagnosed with p/c last november and has gone through kemo only at the v.a. hospital.he lost so much wieght you can feel his bones under his skin.that was six months ago.it’s hard to watch some one you love in you’r family diing like this.i pray that god will take him soon so he wont have to suffer so much.to all those here,god love you all.

  33. Elaine says:

    My 55 old husband was diagnosed July 2010. He went to UT Medical Center Cancer Inst. in Knoxville, Tn. for treatment and Dr. Keith Gray was his surgeron. His treatment plain was 28 days of 5FU chemo and daily radation post-op. December 2 2010 he under went the whipple procedure. The tumore was dead and was able to taken completly out, all the path reports came back normal. He just had CT scan and blood work 6/11 and everything is still clear. We trusted God to gide us through this journey and prayed for a complete healing miracle for all to see to glorify God. We don’t know what God’s plan is for him but I thank God everyday for this miracle. Never give up only God knows your what our future holds. If you are looking for survial stories I had I pray this will give you hope that all things are possible through God.

  34. Ang1e72 says:

    My dad was diagnosed with PC in June 2008. He had a Whipple at one of the Mayo Clinic Hospitals in July 2008. The cancer was found in several lymph nodes but at that time had not spread anywhere else. In Feb 2009 he had another surgery to remove a tumor that had developed in his incision line. He underwent radiation and chemo. He had some clear scans, but soon they found a tumor on his liver. He contiued chemo and had a scan that showed the tumor on the liver was no longer visible. He had some variation in the cancer marker levels, but has been doing well. He has had 3 good PET scans and is continuing to take oral chemo in an effort to keep things at bay. I believe he is our miracle man. My heart goes out to all who have shared their stories, or stories of their loved ones. Remember there can never be too many prayers or too much hope!!

  35. GailSusan says:

    My 72 y.o. husband was diagnosed with Stage III adenocarcinoma in the head of the pancreas in February 2010. His tumor was large (4.6 cm). Chemotherapy had no impact, but radiation plus chemo (Xeloda) shrunk the tumor and the cancer went into remission. My husband has had two PET scans and tumor markers show no signs of cancer. His last treatment was in November. They attempted to do the Whipple in February, but found the cancer had spread. However, despite being restaged to Stage IV pancreatic cancer (there is no Stage V), his cancer appears to be dormant. He is not on any chemo. Next scan will be in November. This is rare, but it can happen.

  36. Stephany says:

    My Dear husband began to be sick in March of 2011,with weight loss of 25-35 pounds. After missing several Dr appointments, he managed to go on July 18, 2011. The Doctor gave him a rectal exam, to latter tell us both to go straight to the hospital and check in. He had an upper G. I. to find out what was going on. They initially told us that he had a bleeding ulcer with the H-pygoria bacteria. Two days later he had another upper G. I. done, with the results changing from the former to stage 4 pancreatic cancer at the head of the pancreas, tumors in the liver, a large mass at the top of the small intestines. He has had 4 blood transfusions. He was admitted to HTC-CCU, where this past Monday, he thought he was having a heart attack, which latter turned out to be blood clots traveling to both his lungs, in which a filter was placed in his stomach, he had an artery cauterized to stop internal bleeding, a stint put in to open his stomach, a tube put in to help the gall bladder to drain itself of the toxins, which he developed jaundice in his eyes. His feet and legs are swollen from several blood clots in the right leg. He has since stopped bleeding. He will be discharged on 8-17-2011. Many family and friends across the U. S. did a 24 hour fast for him. We have seen the results. He has not taken Chem or radiation as of yet, because of these last incidents. I will be SOOO happy to have him come home later today. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TOMORROW WILL BRING, BUT I DO KNOW WHO HOLDS TOMORROW. I believe that within our minds there is a powerful tool called belief that lays in wait for it to be called fourth. I believe in Divine Healing from God, flowing to His creation called mankind. I saw in a dream that I had about 2-3 months ago that my husband was boxing. He was swinging and hitting the punching bag so hard that it was whistling as it spun around. He appeared to look like a young Joe Lewis. I later woke up and I told him about the dream, and that he was in the fight for his life. At the time he latter told me that he wondered why I mentioned to him the fream and why he was in the fight for his life? On July 20th, 2011, he said to me; “I am in the fight for my life”. We fight the “GOOD FIGHT of FAITH” moment by moment. I stand on the word of God that says “I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord”, as well as; “In quietness and confidence is your strength”. My husband is my childhood sweetheart that I have known for over 40 years. He is a VERY strong minded man.He has persevered through this whole ordeal. He is a man FULL of hope and courage.He tells EVERYONE; IAM HEALED.GOD is all I(we)have; faith that moves mountains is what we have. Cancer is NO-THING” to God. I have “PIT BULL” faith, and I won’t let go unless my spiritual jaws are broken. I give God all my praise. I have NO other earthly help. I thank God for letting me find this page. I needed to express myself. Blessing to all of you who are standing with all of us. I pray for God’s presence to overshadow all of you and give you all peace that passes understanding. Sincerely…..Minister Stephany T

  37. donna says:

    My heart goes out to all who have lost a loved one. My son took his own life in jan 2009. Just found out my sister has PC I am just numb and oh so sad! She went from 240 t0 180 and we were excited thinking no more diabetis meds or High blood pressure meds. Didnt think it was. I will have lost 3 siblings if this takes her from us! I just want people to beware if you have overweight family and they lose weight make sure it isnt a symptom of something else! I am going to see her end of the week at which time she will be released and reffered to another “county Type hosp” because she has no insurance. How does this happen in america?

  38. Danna1960 says:

    Today is August 23, 2011. My dad, 78 years, was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer on June 30, 2011. Not a candidate for surgery due to metastasis to the liver. He started with 2 chemo infusions: Gemzar and Cisplatin every two weeks at M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital. After two weeks he started Tarceva, oral chemo agent, by mouth, daily. Medicare is good. They are paying for all of this really well. My dad has lost approx. 40 lbs over the past several months. He has fought with bouts of nausea, loss of appetitite, and fatigue. He takes Zofran and another pill as needed for nausea. He takes Marinol when needed to build his appetite. His symptoms when diagnosed were pain in the abdomen, right side and right back. His pain was moderately severe. After two rounds of chemo and starting the Tarceva he rarely has to take an Ultram 50 mg. This morning, after his 3rd round yesterday, he was up watering the lawn and ate breakfast and then sat at his desk and paid bills. I thank our Father in heaven that my dad can do this. The doctor feels very good about my dad not having pain anymore. He also developed the rash that you can get from the Tarceva, but this supposively means the Tarceva, which is a target chemo pill, is working. We try to encourage him to drink plenty of water and other fluids daily, but this is tough because he doesn’t like many different fluids. I pray that his CT scan scheduled for 9/16 will show the cancer greatly diminished or GONE. We tell him everyday to stay positive. This is our family fight and we will stay the warriors we need to be in this fight. I pray for each of you who are suffering from this cancer or any other cancer and for those family members who are sufferering along with your loved one. God help us all. Our God is an Awesome God!! I am hoping to find a site in which we can share our stories. I will watch this site for further stories and comments. God Bless each of us!

  39. Geraldine says:


    I cannot believe I am reading your message. My husband, Russ, was sick for several weeks with what the doctor thought was a tick-borne infection. This started the end of June. He was finally admitted into the hospital on July 18, 2011. This was the day of our 47th Anniversary. The last two months have revealed Pancreatic Cancer, Stage 2-3. He had the Whipple Procedure on August 16th. He has been in and out of the hospital and today I took him back in after one day at home as he is having trouble keeping anything down. He is 69 years old and not the one to take any medications. We are devastated by this. I would like to to keep in touch with you as July 18th seems to be a connection. This is my first time on this site and I have added it as a bookmark so hope I can get back to it. I do not know if I should post my personal e-mail but here goes anyway: proequip@verizon.net. I am praying for you and your husband to overcome this horrible disease. Geraldine (Gerry)

  40. Suzi says:

    My mama is a month away from her 10 year anniversary of being cancer free. Her tumor had five different cancers and surgery was the only option due to allergies. This was truly Gods work. I am posting this so others know it is possible to beat this. Pray, pray pray! You can do it.

  41. Christine says:

    We have just come back from the hospital where we discussed chemo and radiation therapy which will last for 7 months. My husband was diagnosed at the end of July 2011 with stage III PC and had the Whipple on 8/8/11. He’s made a good recovery but we are still getting to grips with the enzymes he has to take with all food. He has some pains which we are told are after effects from the operation and possibly the type of food eaten. Some of the messages here give me so much hope for his future. Pray for us please.

  42. Lisa says:

    My dad was diagnosed on 9-28-11 with PC. He is 61 years old and had lost @40 pounds before we found out what was truly wrong. He had turned yellow and that is what really lead us to the right places. I believe the Lord, opened the doors we were to take each step we took. On Oct 4th, he had the Whipple procedure completed and he has done very well. Was out of the hospital in less than a week. He is still weak but has never lost his appetite, but has to work his way up to be able to eat as much as he wants due to the pain in his stomache. His tumor was localized, 4cm at the head of the pancreas, and they were able to remove it all, but out of 9 lymph nodes, it was shown in one. They are wanting my dad to start chemo for 6 months straight, one day a week and this is where we are now. I just wanted to write this as when I started searching for answers to my questions, I never read allot of good things, but PRAYER changes things and the Lord is the great Physcian, put your trust in him to lead you to the places and people he choses to use in order to recieve your healing. May God bless each of you that has written on this bog. I will pray for each one of you as my heart truly goes out to you. I know what it feels like to have your heart hurt with circumstances that are out of your control, but when what maybe out of ours is not out of the LORDS, AMEN!!!!!!!

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