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Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rates

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

When we are talking about breast cancer at its last stage, the Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rates are not favourable if compared to other stages.

Stage 4 breast cancer is also called advanced cancer of the breast. When a patient is on this phase, the tumour has spread to the other tissues of the body including bone, liver and lung tissue. When any type of cancer has plagued the natural defences of the body it will then disseminate before diagnosis.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rates As Per ACS

According to the data of the American Cancer Society, there is a 16 to 20 percent stage 4 breast cancer survival rates in a five – year breast cancer survival rates relative period.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rates By Race

According to the ACR also, there is a 5 percent of white women and 9 percent of black women that were diagnosed with this type of cancer which advanced to the later stages. Poverty and lack of health insurance are said to be the reasons why this type of cancer advances, given the fact that there are countless available medications that can absolutely cure and stop cancer especially at its earliest phase.

Relying again to the American Cancer Society, women in general who have advanced cancer of the breast live just about eighteen months upon diagnosis. Meanwhile, those who managed to survive after the advancement of the disease can live an additional three and a half years more.

stage 4 breast cancer survival rates

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survival Rates Are Pretty Slow Due to Extent of Disease

Stage 4 or the last phase of breast cancer is considered the most deadly and fearful category of any type of cancer. It is very important to work primarily on all health care providers available. Although they say that when you are at the final stage of this type of cancer, your chances of survival is close to none, you should never be tired of trying to seek out all the medical help you can get.

There are several treatments being developed for breast cancer and it won’t harm to seek other professional advice and try alternative medications. With the advance technology we do have, I can name few newly discovered successful solutions to cancer.

However, we have to fully understand that no matter how great are the medications brought to us by technology; prevention will always be the best resort. Breast cancer at its earliest stage will always have a huge survival chances than stage 4 breast cancer. For stage 1 cancer of the breast, there is an obtunding 98 to 100 percent chance of cure while stage 4 breast cancer survival rates drop down to 16 – 20 percent.

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