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Stomach Cancer Survival Rates

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

The prognosis and stomach cancer survival rates depend on the type of Stomach Cancer as there are different types like Adenocarcinomas which is the most common type and Lymphomas which are not so common.

Stomach Cancer Survival Rates By Stage

The stage of the cancer is important as it indicates the size and spread of the tumor. The grade of the cancer cells indicate how aggressive the cancer cells are, in general the lower the grade of the cancer cells, the better will be the stomach cancer survival rates of the individual.

Stomach cancer causes 1 million deaths annually worldwide. It is the 4th most common cancer in the world and the 2nd most common for cancer related deaths after lung cancer.

Stomach Cancer Survival Rates: Cancer Definition

Stomach cancer is also called gastric cancer. It occurs slowly over a number of years. It is preceded by pre cancerous changes in the lining of the stomach that rarely produce any symptoms until in the advanced stage. Diagnosis is thus delayed and stomach cancer survival rates are consequently not good.

Treatment is threefold and depends on the stage of cancer at the time of diagnosis. Surgically most of the tumor is removed and then chemotherapy and radiation therapy are given to control the spread of the cancer and extend the survival rate. Complete cures are not a common occurrence.

stomach cancer survival rates

Worldwide Stomach Cancer Survival Rates

The overall 5 year stomach cancer survival rate is 20%, which means only 1 in 5 will survive 5 years. However, if the cancer is localized, if it has not spread to the lymph nodes, at least 75% of patients survive for 5 years and eventually two thirds of these survivors are cured.

Stomach cancer survival rates based on the stages of the cancer give an overall 70% for 5 years. Unfortunately, only 1 % of all cases are detected at this stage. 6% of cases are detected at stage 2 and their 5 year survival rate is 42%. A reasonable number of patients are diagnosed at stage 3 and their survival rate is 20% for 5 years. An overwhelming majority of 80% Stomach Cancer cases is detected at stage 4 and their 5 year stomach cancer survival rates at this very advanced stage is barely 5%.

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  1. vanessa says:

    My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer in November ’10 in December she got surgery done n they removed everything her body didn’t need to survive n her stomach cause the cancer covered everything..she now has n man made stomach..she just took her first chemo treatment last week..n sad to say she is been real sick ever since..she has had problems since the surgery been in the hospital more than out.. chemo put her back in the hospital..she is 47 n my kids world…I wouldnt tell anyone not to get the surgery cause is it gives u a better fighting chance then take it…don’t waist a min cause it can be to late n and life doesn’t have rewind..hope this helps someone

  2. Iliana says:

    my brother was recently diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer this past february. since then i have been on a mission to save his life. i’m not a doctor so all i could do is research, research and more research. i have found that stomach cancer does not do well with chemo. i did find this very informative website cancertutor.com. it is about integrated treatments that are done outside the US. germany and mexico being most popular. they offer hyperthermia, IPT, PDT, Laetrile and more. go to this website to learn what these treatments are. i also found this book called German Cancer Breakthrough that you can download for free at http://www.anti-aging-health.com/GermanCBT.pdf. Give it a look it wouldn’t hurt to try. Daniel. I tried calling but it was a different guy on the voicemail. I hope you get this post and I am praying for everyone here. God bless you all.

  3. Ilona says:

    My father was diagnosed with stomach cancer 01/2003 (7 months before my sister’s wedding). He lived to walk her down the aisle and continues to live each day more fully than the one before. When God has a plan for a person, even cancer cannot stop it!!!

  4. Ilona says:

    A note that I forgot, my father was given 2-3 months to live after he was diagnosed.

  5. peed says:

    my grandma was diagnose with stage 4 stomach cancer on October 8, 2009. She was struggling; she went to three different treatment centers, and none of them worked. She was way too weak. By December 23, 2009 she went into Mille Lacs Health System and all of her kids were there except for her son. He couldn’t make it. She passed away at 8am that day. My mom came and told me and I didn’t believe her, I kept on saying “You’re lying”. Ever since then It’s still hard to believe that she is dead. <3

  6. Kim says:

    Ilona -
    I was glad to here a positive story. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer in January 2011. He has no tumors the cancer is on the lining of the stomach. He is in his 2nd round of chemo and has had some side effects he will receive 8 treatments and then evaluate the progress.

  7. Dino Latchmiah says:

    My sister was diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks ago. They say it started in her stomach and has spread to her back and spine. She is 36 years old and has waited 11 years to have a child. Her childs name is Tiara and she turned 1 year 3 weeks back.The family is in shock and i dont know where to turn as i am the only son and i was told to be strong. I love my family and i feel lost. Sorry to dampen anyones spirit but i am finished inside. She is on chemo now, she is from Australia and i am in South Africa, i am leaving on Friday to be there with her as support. Please contact me on 0027842379944 if you have any suggessions which will help.

  8. Flight says:

    My aunt is 77 she found out in January 2011 she had stage 3 stomach Cancer. She had gotten very sick and weak and could not even walk far without loosing her breath. She had surgery On April 7 to try and remove some of it before giving her chemo. She was to weak to take to Chemo intially. After surgery she had to be rushed back in surgery because she was bleeding internal. It was from all the fluids she kept building up in her stomach. It was causing the surgery repaired work to come loose. They did end up getting her stable but she has been on the resperator since surgery. And everytime the let her breath on her own she can do it only for a short time. They have had her sedated because that resperator is very uncomfortable. She keeps building up like 7 liters of fluid in her stomach and they thinking her liver or kindney’s may be affected but because the cancer was so large it had built up a marble wall around her stomach they could not even see the organs. We just found out yesterday she has developed pneumonia. She is responding to our voices by shaking her head. But she is very sick. We are praying so hard that she comes through. But it is not looking good for her right now.

  9. Jefferson says:

    I just found out that my aunt has a large tumor in her stomach (stage 4 cancer) which has spread to her left lung. After finding out this news it felt like I was just hit in the chest by a sledge hammer being swung by the Hulk himself. She is 42 years old. She did her first round of chemotherapy yesterday because they can’t do surgery on her lung. After the first set of chemotherapy then surgery and then more chemotherapy. I couldn’t look her in the eye and now being at home I feel like the worst person in the world. We are very close and I feel like I let her down. If anyone have any words of wisdom please feel free to share.

    Thank you

  10. Vanessa says:

    I have been diagnosed with Stage 1 Stomach Cancer. I am only going to be 27 years old next month. This hit me really hard and sudden. I have no idea what my next step is but to go to every Dr’s appt with a positive attitude. The DR’s where really happy to find it at an early stage that it hasn’t effected other organs. All i can do is pray that I will make it. I dont know how to let my family know that I have been diagnosed. They gave me the option of chemotherapy so that it will NOT spread to other organs but I believe that it is too excessive since it has not spread.If you can give me references so that I may look this up, it would be very helpful. Thank you

  11. Angela says:

    My Grandpa was dianosgesed with stomach cancer in early Feburary 2011 and had surgry to take part of his stomach out and before the surgry it spread to his lymph nodes which we did not find oout after his operation.

  12. Kerry says:

    My uncle/godfather was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer. I heard this stage is the worst to be at and I don’t know how to deal with it. I heard that the survival rate for this is only about 4% and I don’t want to loose my uncle/godfather from my life. Can anyone please confirm this or tell me other wise? Thanks.


  13. james says:

    Keep your hopes alive. I am 64 years old. I was diagnosed with Stage 3B gastric cancer and Stage 4 esophageal cancer while being treated for aggressive prostate cancer. The doctors told me the odds of having three separate cancers at the same time are 1 in 4 million.

    I had a partial gastrectomy and 4 inches of esophagus removed on 28 Feb 2011. I am now on heavy chemo and radiation therapy and feel awful. The survival rate for my condition is less than 14% for five years but I refuse to accept that. I want to see my grand-children grow up. I intend to go on fighting this miserable disease called cancer until the bitter end no matter what. Keep praying and fighting and don’t give up.

  14. Roger Craig says:

    I was just disgnosed after going to emergency, with no insurance I am and doomed for sure.
    Hint, do right, get a ‘real’ job, and HAVE good insurance, and savings.

    Love all, take care.

  15. Lina says:

    I was 21 when I was diagnosed with stage 3B glandular stomach cancer.
    I am now 31……..10 years after I was once told that my 5 year survival was 15-20%. Mental strenght was soooo important in getting me through my diagnosis and treatment. Never ever give up your hope or faith.

  16. Debra says:

    My 76 year old Dad just had surgery today for stomach cancer.Going into surgery, all indications were the cancer was localized and had not spread to the lymph nodes but unfornately this was not the case, he has stage 4 cancer. Lina your words are very encouraging and I am praying He will be determined to fight this beast and win! Does anyone know who is the most renowned/success stomach cancer specialist? Any research you can share would be extremely helpful. In spite of all you may be going thru, I pray you feel God’s love in your life.

  17. Carole says:

    To Vanessa: Do whatever the docs want you to do. Stomach cancer can be very aggressive and chemotherapy at stage 1 seems like an excellent option to me. Stage 1 patients with treatment can go on to live a long and fruitful life. Go for second opinions and tell your family so you won’t go through this alone.

    I also would be interested to know what your symptoms were and how it was diagnosed.

    My 47 year old son died of gastric adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer) with every organ being attacked, more so in the liver. He lived only one day after being transferred to a different hospital who made the diagnosis. He had been sick for approximately a month with a severe migraine headache and stomach pain but still went to work every day. We found out when I brought him to the ED that the headache was due to his internal bleeding. He was in perfect shape, ate healthy, went to the gym but was always at the doctors for indigestion and supposedly bleeding hemhoroids and the cancer went totally undetected. Doctors that made the diagnosis said he had stomach cancer for 5-10 years, more probable toward 10 years. My point is this: for all those out there who have cancer or any type of unresolved indigestion symptoms, bleeding blamed on something else, you have to be an advocate for yourself, insist on getting second opinions, and be positive and most of all do not refuse treatment. We wish his had been found at Stage 1 or even Stage 2.

  18. richard says:

    Just found out i had stomach cancer at 31. Anyone know if an ulcer will help spread the cancer.Just found out a few hours ago . Scary call!!

  19. [...] 4% of patients suffering from Stage 4 survived Check out Cancer Survival Rates to know more about Stomach Cancer Survival Rates. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Cancer Survival Rate, Cancer Survival Rates, [...]

  20. Dick Y. says:

    In early April 2009, I went to the ER complaining of weakness, fatigue, headaches and pounding in my ears. They determined I was very anemic. Over the next 24 hours they added 7 pints of blood. This was enough to do an upper endoscopy. They found a two inch bleeding tumor at the top of my stomach. I was rushed to another hospital where they had experts to deal with my condition. That night I was operated on. They took out the tumor, half my stomach, a third of my esophagus and 24 lymph nodes. The tumor and 3 of the 24 lymph nodes were malignant. I had stage 3 stomach cancer. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital recovering from the surgery. A couple of weeks later I started the chemo and radiation. I was 57 at the time and in decent shape, so the doctors “threw the book at me”. The treatment was based on a trial going on at the time. It lasted a total of 5 1/2 months. I had 24/7 chemo through a port in my chest (carried a pump around waist) 3 hospital sessions where I was given 2 other types of chemo and 5 1/2 weeks of radiation every day for 1/2 hour blasting the stomach and esophagus. Of course I felt like crap throughout and it took me a while to feeling “normal” again. Today I am feeling great. I do everything i used to do except i eat better and exercise more. A book which was/is very helpful to me is Anti Cancer, A new Way of Life by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber. It is important for any cancer patient to know what foods to eat and to exercise (even if you don’t feel like it) and keep a positive attitude. It has been over two years now. Three more to say I am “cured”!

  21. Anna says:

    Hi there, I have been diagnosed in early April when I was working abroad. Stage 3, and it’s an aggressive type. I have just turned 35 years old, and I was working towards having my first child. Now I am on my 3rd round of chemo, something I didn’t want to do when I was first diagnosed either, but ultimately, I am happy I have done it. There is a definite improvement in my quality of life – at least I am no longer in pain. I am not sure if an ulcer will help spread the cancer, it is usually that an untreated ulcer leads to stomach cancer. What is really scary is how little research has been done on this type of cancer, especially among young people. I try to stay positive, but it is very hard.

  22. Joseph says:

    It’s amazing. From doing research, I found that the average age for diagnosis of stomach cancer is the early 70′s. Yet every website I’ve visited has had a majority of the posters being in the mid 30′s I think whoever puts out those statistics needs to do another study.

  23. Kiara says:

    Just found out 1 hour ago, that my mom has stomach cancer.. she went in with a stomach virus and now its cancer.. i looked up all these herbs and natural things that will help, like garlic, sweet violet tea, mushrooms etc but they will do surgery tomorrow to cut out her stomach, how can she eat or drink without her stomach and Im the oldest of 3… what am i gonna do..

  24. salam says:

    my mother diagnosed as stage 2 adenocarcinoma of stomach before 3 wk surgical removal done but I am in doubt to give her chemo she is 61 year.now she is dyspnic with chest pain 2wk after operation Doctors saying pleural effusion.
    please if any information send me e-mail:


  25. Wendy says:

    My husband was diagnosed with stage 1V Stomach cancer that spread to his colon last august. He has been doing chemo since then. They gave him 1-2 years to live. It doesnt seem possible. He’s feeling good , going to gym but everytime he has scan its still there and hasn’t spread to lungs. Does anyone know what happens next ? Do they just wait until chemo stops working or he gets tired of it? Or does it just spread eventually ? He is stronger than me most of the time. The unknown scares me terribly.

  26. louise says:

    my sister was dxd w/ cancer of the uterus stage 4, had surgery removed all her female organs, it had spread to the lymph nodes -lost have of her blood had to have transfussions,refused chemo / which killed our grandmother as it was experimental in 1973
    then changed her diet to a form of the gerson diet, had radiation but not strong radiation, and took IP6,for two weeks, 2 pills a day then stopped. started taking a good multi vitamin
    and drank a very ph water, – ph balanced her body, doctors could not
    find a trace of cancer 3 months later , we all prayed for miracles, and it has been 3 years later, and she is great.
    my brother this year had kidney cancer, he started IP6 also same as sister, took advice from sister, he did not have radiation,
    the doctors were shocked to find the huge tumor that engulfed most of the kidney was dying, and it has been 6 months – no cancer…

  27. aj says:

    my mum is 52 was diognosed with stomach cancer stage 4 a year ago. she had 6 chemo’s, after that she was fine. we had decided that we should go on holiday. but then she had slight pain on her back which then increased to an unberable pain. she had a scan done which showed that the tumor had grown bigger and also went into the one of the lymphnodes. now she had 2 chemo’s. but she is in a state with continous severe pain on her abdomen. it is very hard for me and my family to look after someone who is just not consiuos. and also i am just 15.. and i hope that no one goes through what i am going through know.now i am just praying to god he shows his miracles and does something…

  28. Crystal says:


    How are you? So happy to read your wonderful recovery. My dad just hit diagnosed with stomach and lung cancer. We don’t know what stage yet. We are in New York. Would you possibly tell me a hospital or doctor you saw? I don’t know how to handle this. Trying anything I can here. Thank you so much. Stay healthy!

  29. donna says:

    IN response to the person who commented about all the people on this post being younger than the statitics of stomach cancer of 70 + years, those people are not that savvy usually about getting on the web and doing research. You can tell that it is the younger family members doing the asking and posting.My father in law was just diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer and he is 75.

  30. hashim says:

    This is to kerry, unfortunately at this stage you uncle/godfather does not have long. I have the same thing and watched my best friend and brother die from this. I’m at peace with it because deep down it should have been me that went before him. Sorry to bring the. Message of doom but, the only thing that you can be greatful of is the wonderful times and memory’s you had and will have until that day. Boat drinks.

  31. CB says:

    My mother died of stomach cancer when she was 36 years old. I wish for a cure and for those who have it I pray that you win the fight. lots of love everyone.

  32. Jayne says:

    Louise, what is IP6?


  33. Charlotte says:

    I got diagnosed six months ago. I was given till june because its already stage four. I’m seventeen years old. This is the hardest thing. I couldnt have imagined my life like this. I had so many plans.I dont understand most of it. But im so sick of being sick. Ive accepted it but it doesnt make it any easier. People without it just cannot understand what we go through. And you cant blame them it just is what it is. Pray for everyone whos sick. Thank you.

  34. lorena says:

    hay charlotte my heart hurt a lot for you i wish god l ok down to you and get the disease out from your body i will pray a lot for you

  35. Jennifer says:

    My brother was diagnosed with colon cancer in October 2010. He had surgery and chemo. Went back to doc for 6 month checkup, pet scan etc and was told no sign of cancer. Went back to doc few days ago and now has Stage 3 stomach cancer. Has 3 tumors in his stomach. The research I did says stomach cancer grows over several years. How could the docs not know about it when he was diagnosed with colon cancer? Doc said surgery is not an option only chemo and clinical trials. He’s 47, father of two great boys. We are all devasted. Really thought he had beat this monster called cancer. Who knew the fight had only just begun. We are praying for him and everyone else who must fight this battle.

  36. Hortencia says:

    My brother was just told that he may have stomach cancer. They are repeating the biopsy. He had gone for an endoscopy and a biopsy was done to find out if he had H Pilory bacteria instead they biopsy indicates that he has cancer. I was there when the doctor gave him the news. He was so nervous and I am totally devastated. He is the nicest brother a person can have. He is my best friend.

    I did not know that stomach cancer can be so aggressive and the prognosis is not so positive. I will have to be strong for him and his family.

  37. Kathy says:

    My father died in May. He was initially diagnosed with stomach cancer in December of 2008. In the 1950′s he had two thirds of his stomach removed due to ulcers. The cancer was right where he had been sutured. Because of this and because he had severe heart problems further surgery was not an option. I wanted to write and mention that the only treatment they could do was a photo-dynamic therapy that involved injections of something that made the cancer cells especially susceptible to laser treatments. They essentially burned off the cancer from the inside. It gave us another 2 1/2 years with him. I share this for anyone whose cancer is only in the lining and for whom other options may not be available. My father was a very strong person but one who battled many other conditions along with the stomach cancer. He also had lymphoma and later esophageal cancer. I just wanted to share that he survived till he was 78. I hope and pray for those of you who have stomach cancer or with loved ones who do. I believe that it was prayer and his determination that helped him to survive as long as he did. In the end he chose to discontinue radiation treatments due to his terrible arthritis pain and his inability to endure the pain of laying on the table for it. He died peacefully and with well controlled pain in my home with all his loved ones around. I would advise you to try every option there is but ultimately make your peace with God through his Son as no one gets out of this life alive.

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