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Surviving Stage 3 Breast Cancer

Monday, May 4th, 2009

The survival rate for Stage 3 breast cancer is largely hinged on the extent of its spread to the other organs of the body and the general health condition of the patient.  Thus the 5-year breast cancer survival rate can range from 49% to 67%.

Stage 3 Breast Cancer Phases

Stage 3 breast cancer is further categorized into Stage IIIA and Stage IIIB.

We say that the breast cancer is already on Stage IIIA if it measures more than 5 centimeters and has infected the arm pit lymph nodes (or axillary lymph nodes).  Any size of breast cancer as long as it has spread to any of the lymph nodes can be considered Stage IIIA.

Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survival Rate

According to the American Cancer Society breast cancer survival rate for Stage 3 breast cancer at the first phase ranges from 56% to 67%.

On the other hand, Stage 3B can be a cancer of varying size but has already developed in the nearby tissues surrounding the breast.  The cancer may or may have not reached the axillary lymph nodes or other lymph nodes.

Survival rate for Stage 3 breast cancer at the second phase could range from 49% to 54%.

The decline in survival rate from 100% in Stage 1 breast cancer to 50% survival rate for Stage 3 breast cancer is dependent on a single issue – early diagnosis.  Successful healing of the disease is most probable when the breast cancer is treated in its earliest stage and does not spread to surrounding tissues.

In the United States alone, 40,000 women succumb to cancer annually.  If all instances of cancer will be detected early and stay at Stage 1 breast cancer, survival can be restored to 100%.

stage 3 breast cancer

Prevention of Stage 3 Breast Cancer

The first and most important step to be done is self-examination that should be performed at a specific period monthly.  This is the basic detection tool to avoid Stage 3 Breast Cancer or all stages for that matter. Annual medical check- ups should be done as soon as the woman becomes 20 years old at least once every three years, if she is generally healthy.  When the woman reaches 40 she should go through an annual health check up which should include breast examinations and mammogram, plus other clinical procedure that may be prescribed by the medical health provider.

Continuous significant studies are done as regards to breast cancer prevention, although much has still to be learned.  Generally, obesity, excessive ingestion of alcohol and undergoing hormone therapy are some of the risk factors that increase breast cancer development.  So to counter this, having a healthy lifestyle, maintenance of a healthy weight level, regular exercise and breastfeeding, among others, are advised to prevent Stage 3 Breast Cancer.

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