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Surviving Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

The possibility of recovery for patients with Stage 4 breast cancer is greatly reduced than if the breast cancer is diagnosed at its early stage.

What is Stage 4 Breast Cancer?

At stage 4, the breast cancer has already spread to the nearby tissues, the bone tissue as well as the organ tissues. At this advanced stage, the body’s own defenses has succumbed to the disease and the breast cancer survival rates at the time of the diagnosis sharply declines to a mere 16% – 20% in the United Sates as reported by the American Cancer Society.

5% of white women and a bigger 9% of black women in the United States were already at Stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to the farther tissue at the time of initial diagnosis (SEER). The difference in the ratio is ascribed to the black women’s destitute condition as well as the absence of health coverage.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Chances of Survival

In most cases, women whose breast cancer were diagnosed at an advanced stage can still live one and a half years following the discovery (median survival). If they get past the five year period, there is a possiblity that they could live three and a half years more (median survival), as affirmed by the American Cancer Society.

As this stage is the last and the most dangerous phase of the breast cancer, close coordination with the health practicitioners is a must at Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Given the continuous progress in science, there could be new treatments discovered that could change the chances and opinions on the patient’s condition.

One thing sure, the survival rate of the patient will be very high at 98%-100% if diagnosed at its earliest stage. During this time, the cancer cells are still cofined to the breast. When the the breast cancer has spread to other tissues which brings it to Stage 4 survival rate sharply declines to 16%-20%.

stage 4 breast cancer

Stage 4 Breast Cancer: Early Detection

There are ways to detect breast cancer early. One is the very basic self-examination, which every woman should conduct on a monthly basis at the same period of every month. When the woman reaches 20 years old up to 40 years old, she should have her breasts checked at least every three years. After 40, the physical check up should be done on a yearly basis particularly the breast check up and a mammogram as well. Stage 4 Breast Cancer will be prevented if the cancer is treated at its earliest stage.

White women in North America have the the highest incidence of breast cancer in the world but the average for the 5 year survival rate for all the stages (Stages 1 to 4) in the United States is 88%. Based on a new research, it was confirned that women in some countries in Europe have lesser 5-year survival rates. Take for instance England which has 77.8% while Ireland at a lower 76.2%

Timely diagnosis of breast cancer makes all the difference between surviving and succumbing to Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

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